Green Power Inverter 2500VA


Green Power Inverter 2500VA

Power Inverter 2500VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter Green Power

1 DC to AC inverter 
2 90% efficiency 


AC Output Specifications
Nominal Voltage (AC)* 230 V
Voltage Range (AC) 200 - 240 V
Voltage Accuracy 2 %
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Frequency Accuracy 0.03 %
Total Harmonic Distortion (resistive load) <1.5 %
Load Impact Recovery Time 0.4 ms
Turn On Delay 20 s
Nominal Current 10.9 A (protected against reverse current)
Crest Factor at Nominal Power
(with short circuit mgmt. and protection)
Short Circuit Clear up Capacity** 10 x In for 20msec
 * Operation within lower voltage networks leads to derating of power.
 ** Available while Mains is available at AC input port,
 with magnitude control and management.


AC Output Power
Nominal Output Power 2500 VA
Output Power (resistive load) 2000 W
Short Time Overload Capacity 150% 5 second
Permanent Overload Capacity 110%
Admissible Load Power Factor Full (power rating from 0 inductive to 0 capacitive)

DC Input Specifications
Nominal Voltage (DC) 48 V
Voltage Range (DC) 40 - 60 V
Current (at 40Vdc) 56A (224A per shelf)
Maximum Input Current 84A (336A per shelf for 5 seconds)
Recommended Protection 63A circuit breaker per inverter
Voltage Ripple 2mV