Phocos Solar Controller Screen CXM Remote Display for CXN


Phocos Solar Controller Screen CXM Remote Display for CXN

·         Phocos‘ CXM can be used in combination with Phocos CXN series

      charge controllers via interface connector.

·         Phocos‘ CXM remote display is designed to display panel current,

·          load current and battery voltage of your PV system as true values and status values like charging, overload, low voltage disconnect as symbols. Additional you can display several values of CXN‘s data logger of the past 7 days as Ah, SOC, Battery voltage (morning, evening).

·         This provides you more detailed information of your PV system.

·         Display for panel current, load current, and battery voltage, Ah, SOC, etc

·         Clear, readable 3-digit LCD Display and symbols

·         Two push button to select displayed value

·         Prepared for DIN rail and wall mounting




Voltage range

display voltage range of your CXN

Current range

display current range of your CXN

Ambient temperature

–25 to +50 °C

Length of connecting wire

2 m

Dimensions (W xH x D)

72 x 68 x 29 mm


94 g (with connecting wire)

Type of protection